Free Business Card Templates

Free business card templates

Welcome to! Business card templates are available in Corel Draw, InDesign, Publisher and Word formats. All templates can be downloaded as a single card file or 10-Up format to make it easier to print your own cards at home or at the office with most any inkjet or laser printer.

Each template can be customized with your choice of fonts, graphics, colors and more. Pre-perforated business card stock is widely available for the 10-Up layouts.

When designing your business card, begin by sketching out a rough draft. The main focal point of your card should be obvious at a quick glimpse, while other contact information should be evident upon closer examination. This by and large includes your name, job title, description, and your contact information.

Think about what information your contacts will need from you. Often, several methods of contact information (phone, email, web site) is suggested. Try to place all the necessary information on the card and find a design that works best for you.

If the card gets too jumbled, consider removing needless information or abbreviating certain words. Make sure that your main message doesn’t get lost in clutter.

Once you have selected an area to center on, begin by describing yourself. Determine how you would like others to identify you and your spotlight area. This could be done in a serious, professional way, or perhaps a more lighthearted approach might suit your requirements better. Business cards are a very individual expression, so this should help you refine how you wish to represent yourself.

One of the best ways to make sure you’re passing on the preferred message is to look at friend’s or associate’s business cards. Also, try to find business cards from similar businesses that are effectively passing on the message you wish to express in your own business cards. You can also search the internet for sample business cards and templates. This will help you improve your message and your general design concept.

If you haven’t ordered business cards inside the past two years, there’s a good chance that the information or photograph is out of date by now. And if your last order was for 500 cards and there are still 450 cards left, ask yourself why you haven’t been passing them out. If the reason is that you dislike the cards, pitch them and get business cards you’re proud of!

Check out our collection of templates below. Click a graphic to enlarge for a better view, click the link below each card to open the download page for the card.

Tips for Distributing Business Cards

  • Hand write on the back your “unlisted” 800 number. This adds value to your card, making people keep it longer for the reason that they don’t want to misplace the special number.
  • If you regularly give out seasonal gifts or specialties, affix your business card. For example, candy canes at Christmas, heart shaped containers filled with candy for Valentine’s Day, or even a sandwich bag of candy with a card stapled to it.
  • Send a business card in every piece of correspondence – letters, invoices, even your electric bill. Sooner or later, those cards will be used.
  • Scan your card in and use it as a graphic for when you exchange Business Cards Links with other websites. The other site can use your graphic as the link.
  • Draft and practice a business card presentation – unless you’re secure and self-assured when handing out your card, you won’t do it. Likewise, the words and proceedings that go together with your business card when you give it to someone can actually bolster a constructive first impression.
  • Before leaving home, your checklist should be lengthened to include business cards, as part of “do I have my wallet/money, house keys, driver’s license”. Any ‘chance’ encounter is an occasion to give out a business card. A morning run or a quick trip to the local store could be an opportunity to network. Make it a routine to carry business cards.